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Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management

To ensure that your users are accessing credible and consistent data, we provide solutions that will allow you to cleanse, manage and integrate your data across the enterprise, and hence maintain it accurate and trustworthy.

Our expertise and the new tools in SQL Server will help to reduce time-to-solution for data integration across data sources with integrated deployment and management, and an improved UI.

Integrate Data with SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) helps lower the barriers to getting started with data integration by allowing organizations of all sizes to operationalize their commitment to information with capabilities that increase efficiency and improve productivity related to information management efforts.

New features include usability enhancements, deployment and administration enhancements, new reports for troubleshooting package operations, comparing and merging packages, and easier access to samples and tutorials.  Integration Services has a new DQS Cleansing transform that integrates with the Data Quality Services Data Quality Knowledge Base.

Cleanse Organizational Data with Data Quality Services

A completely new service to SQL Server 2012, Data Quality Services (DQS) helps round out end to end data management for organizations. DQS provides knowledge-driven tools customers can use to allow data stewards to create and maintain a Data Quality Knowledge Base which helps improve data quality and ease data management.

Customers can gain confidence in data quality by using organizational knowledge to profile, cleanse, and match data.  Data Quality Services can be run as a standalone tool or integrated with Integration Services (SSIS).

Manage relevant data with Master Data Services

Master Data Services (MDS) makes it easier to manage master data structures such as dimensions, hierarchies and mappings used in data integration operations and data warehouses.

There is a Master Data Manager web application that allows to add and delete members more quickly as well as move them within the hierarchy more easily.

The new MDS Add-in for Excel enables the construction of data management applications from within Excel so that information workers can load a set of data from a predetermined database, work with it in Excel and publish the changes back to the database. An administrator can also use the add-in to create new entities and attributes, a typical requirement in data warehouses or data marts.