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BI Strategy and Assesment

Assessment and Strategy of BI infraestructures

Assessment and Strategy projects are appropriate whether your organization is embarking on its initial Business Intelligence (BI) effort or has a mature BI environment.

Metric Insight can help your organization evaluate its readiness to launch a BI initiative and develop an effective strategy for the future. We work with management to identify a scope, develop justification, and establish a road map.

If you have a mature BI environment, an assessment engagement will identify opportunities to grow and enhance your capabilities. We will help you evaluate your current environment, assess your methodology and strategy, and ensure your organization’s BI capabilities align with the business’s strategies and requirements. Our goal is to formulate a business-driven plan for on-going investments in your BI environment. The assessment analysis will identify critical gaps, needs and recommended actions.

Regardless of the maturity of your BI environment, the goals and objectives for an assessment/strategy project include:

  • Understand high priority reporting and analytic needs to support the business needs of the organization
  • Conduct a high level review of the data and data architecture to determine its suitability for supporting the business needs
  • Derive a roadmap based on the data realities and business priorities to assure the BI environment will meet the organization’s ongoing and future reporting and analytic needs.