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Data Analytics to gain deeper insights

For the most demanding enterprise-scale analytical needs, we can build Analysis Services solutions that allow millions of records and thousands of users, real time updates, write back, centrally managed KPIs, sophisticated business logic calculations and predictive analysis.

The new BI Semantic provides a consolidated business view for tabular and multidimensional data that includes business entities, business logic, calculations and metrics. This model can be seamlessly accessed by Reporting services reports, Excel Pivot Tables, dashboards and third party applications.

With the new tabular data model it is even easier to accommodate multiple analytical needs, from multidimensional analysis and reporting to predictive analysis.

Key Benefits of Data Analytics

  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Query performance
  • Drill down
  • Pre-aggregations
  • Sophisticated Business Logic Calculations (MDX, DAX)
  • Fine grained security
  • Centrally Managed KPIs
  • Tight integration with End-User tools
  • Predictive Analysis (Data Mining)
  • What-if scenarios
  • Real-time updates

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If you have an existing Analysis Services infrastructure we can help you make improvements like implementation of new business logic, upgrades, migrations and optimizations.