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Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions – Discern your Data

Most organizations are sitting on a goldmine of information, from customer purchase histories, to product profitability data. Those who can use the data will have an advantage. But it is often challenging to get access to all of your data—let alone to analyze it and understand it.

Metric Insight can help you implement Business Intelligence solutions that will allow you to access, view, and analyze business information that will help grow and differentiate your business—without having to learn new skills. By utilizing many of the existing Microsoft products you have today, you can reduce the cost for new solutions and speed up delivery time.

We can help you make Business Intelligence a reality through three entry points


  • Making easy access to Data

    To find, explore, and combine multiple sources of data, you can use Microsoft Excel to quickly connect to, access, and combine data from many different sources to help identify the most profitable opportunities.

    If you have a more mature Business Intelligence environment we can help you implement an Enterprise Data warehousing solution using Microsoft SQL Server that takes advantage of its Enterprise Information Management features in order to make your data more credible and consistent.

  • Generating Insights from Data

    By using the tools you are already have, everyone in your organization can visualize and analyze data within the familiarity of Microsoft Office. Using Excel, PowerPivot and PowerView many users will be easily able to create ad hoc reports and customize rich, interactive dashboards.

    For more sophisticated business scenarios we can help you implement Analytics solutions that allow complicated business logic calculations, pre aggregations for retrieval of large amounts of data and a consistent semantic model to be used for Reporting

  • Sharing insights across your organization

    Once you have gained new insights, you want to share those insights to benefit the entire organization.

    By implementing Reporting solutions you will easily publish your dashboards, and reports for easy access and customization by others—and you have the control to limit access to the right people. You will even to create scheduled reports to satisfy your most demanding users.

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